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Where Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Privacy Officers, Data Protection Officers, Information Security Managers, Chief Risk & Compliance Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and Chief Information Officers meet new friends, network with like-minded people, and increase their knowledge base.


Join us for one day of discussions about the hot topics in Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Protection and Audit, Risk & Regulatory Compliance. You’ll come away with a better understanding of current trends, best practices, and emerging technologies.

The Retreat is an informative and interactive gathering of lawyers and corporate executives from Large Enterprises, Mid-Market, SMBs and Law Firms.

Our panel discussions, “war stories” and lessons learned will explore what companies are doing to understand and document business data flows, storage, and backups, making the effort of cybersecurity more manageable and effective. We will look at the policies and business practices pertaining to information throughout its lifecycle and how a cross-functional team, including those from information technology, legal, and the business side, should be involved to balance efficiency, profits, and risk, and ensure proper data protection.

Whether you are new to the cybersecurity, privacy and data protection industry and are seeking more information or want to increase your existing expertise, our Retreats will allow you to explore the latest issues and strategies with knowledgeable and experienced consultants, technologists, lawyers, thought leaders and your peers – all in one of Virginia’s most beautiful places to visit: Newport Coast

With a full agenda of educational sessions, scheduled networking events, and family-friendly locations, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to learn about these key issues in this relaxed setting. We invite you to explore our website, contact us with questions, and join us at this upcoming Retreat – where questions are answered at unquestionably scenic locations.

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